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The One Minute Change App is designed to get you moving in one-minute intervals throughout the day for a total of 10 minutes a day.

One Minute Change

Features of the App

  • Hourly Reminder - Set your alarm and the app does the rest. The One Minute Change App will remind you, at a time of your choosing, to exercise for 1 minute per hour.
  • Personal Trainer in Your Pocket - The gym isn’t for everyone. Now, you can go without it. Enjoy a quick, custom exercise for mind and body with the portable convenience of your smartphone, led by an experienced energy trainer.
  • Holistic Exercises - Meditation, breath work, yoga, intentional movement. Amplify your health with exercises designed to address the body, mind, and soul.
  • Personalized Goals - Set your customized goals and choose between 10 holistic and stimulating exercises per day to create your own routine for daily health.
  • Break Routine, Set New Habits - One of the hardest things about forming a new habit is staying consistent and accountable. The One Minute Change App reminds you daily to set your goals and choose your times, all while tracking your progress. Think of it as your virtual personal trainer.

Now available! Download now:

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